My name is Lara Eardley. I have been teaching dynamic pelvic floor exercises to women (mostly) for almost a decade.   I teach individuals and groups. The exercises I teach (over 20) cannot be seen externally they must be experienced and felt internally, this is the journey. I have outstanding results for my work, just see my testimonials, I have never had an unhappy student, EVER!  You can wear whatever clothes you like because the only outward exercises will be sitting and standing. This is simply to experience the difference performing the exercises when the weight of the torso is added to the pelvic floor (standing).

Although these exercises must swiftly become common knowledge, we are presently held up smashing down old taboos to make way for progress.  At present incontinence is the largest epidemic in the country affecting more than 4.3 million people and we expect that to rise to 10.6 million by 2030.  We must together remove the shame and replace it with this essential feel good education.  I see a bright future where incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse are disorders of a long distant past, so any help you can give by being proud of your amazing pelvic floor muscles would be choice.

My greatest passion is empowering women in the boardroom, the bedroom and the bathroom. Get smart girls, get your power on, see you in class and  spread the word. xx