Restoring your sensual nature

It is possible, at any age, to resurrect a sluggish pelvic floor and restore it to the general dynamic flow of life infused with vibrance, health, tone and stamina. Increasing our pelvic floor strength also increases our personal power and personal magnetism by accessing and utilising the sexual energy (ching chi) we generate when exercising our sexual organs. Sexual energy is the most powerful and creative energy in the human being as it creates life. It’s mind boggling to analyse how much money and energy we spend on increasing our physical fitness to look more attractive and healthy on the outside when potent attraction or charisma is actually derived from the sexual organs (sexy power!) and no one wants to know about how to exercise their sexual organs! It’s Crazy isnt it?

love heart pelvic floor strength

For all too many women, the pelvic region represents a sensual “dead zone”, however in many cultures this part of the anatomy is the focus of special attention and sacred training that enables a woman to both obtain and share the ultimate in sexual pleasure. Pelvic Floor Strength training comes with a three and six week timetabled exercise program for those who like routine, and Jade Egg purchases include a copy of the training manual “The Jade Egg” written for internal fitness and advanced practices in the use of weights for superior strength and dexterity. Providing women with essential knowledge in how to intensify libido and achieve sexual bliss and contentment naturally.

The pubococcygeus muscle, also known as “The Love Muscle” is a woman’s ultimate prescription for pleasure. Dependent on the level of mastery and control you wish to acquire; at the advanced level you will have developed the ability to move your internal muscles as easily as moving your hands, and contract your lover to orgasm barely moving your hips at all (The Sinapore Kiss). With increased strength and tone you will be able to create a vice like grip and develop the talent to fasten and loosen your silken feminine mystery as desired with all the joy and delight of Venus.

Advanced practice provides you with the ability to reach vaginal orgasm at will. Simply by turning your mind inward and pulsating your strong pelvic floor muscles, that in turn stimulate the Grafenberg spot (“G spot”), which all women possess, enabling you to orgasm whenever you desire – hands free. Certainly makes the tedious chore of washing the dishes much more enjoyable, as you awaken to your feminine birthright and become lifted up to the sacred.