generic and personalised hypno-audio meditations

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Sometimes it’s not enough for me to teach dynamic pelvic floor exercises to women, some women, some of the time, need extra help. Creating personalised hypno-audio downloads from 5 – 45 minutes is my specialty.

In 2010 I completed a diploma of clinical hypnotherapy at the Australian Academy of Hypnotherapy in Sydney. I had been studying hypnotic states and voice intonation for a decade prior so it was a natural transition for me to finally qualify.  Although I sometimes take on other casework I predominantly use my knowledge of hypnotherapy mentoring my students. Encouraging women, the ones who need it, that they can get better, that they can heal, that these muscles are amazing and can be strengthened at any age.  For these women I have this to say to you…. I’m right here… lets go on this journey towards your wellness together.. Think of me as your fitness coach, your nagging winging whining fitness coach who will not let up until you are continent.  I promise to make it a fun worthwhile journey with your pelvic floor muscles and their tone and rejuvenation as our prime objective.