I hope this blog finds you flexing and tightening up all of your enchantingly beautiful pelvic floor muscles!
Id’e like to educate you a little about the pelvic floor exercises cleverly hidden in sacred religious and philosophical texts of ancient civilizations, particularly Egypt, East India and China. Practices surrounded in secrecy until now, because I’m exposing them, and for good reason too!

It is vitally important to reveal these esoteric sexual and yogic practices because they greatly prevent and cure incontinence which is a staggeringly prevalent disorder in western culture.Pelvic Floor Strength helps combat sexual dysfunction in humans, prolapse of the uterus, bladder and bowel in women and promote exceptional prostate health in men. The pelvic floor muscles can be strengthened and used to pump oxygenated blood to the sexual organs and move it throughout the entire being for healing. Pelvic floor strength also creates superior sexual fitness through which men and women are said to achieve the ultimate harmony.

Once upon a time sacred belly dancers in Ancient Egypt were writhing to the rhythmic beat of a thousand drums on the river Nile, their internal muscles dancing in concert with their external body. These Enchantresses were encouraging the gods to bestow a good harvest on their land for the coming year. The Ancient Hundus, were pumping the pelvic floor muscles to awaken the metaphysical powers of the great goddess Kundalini. She, the mother of all mothers, the most potent force in each of us. Her symbol is a sleeping serpent coiled up and resting dormant at the very base of the torso, the perineum powerhouse.

At the same time (6,000 years ago), Chinese Taoists practitioners were also exponentially increasing their metaphysical energy by accessing, through pelvic floor strength training, their most powerful and dynamic force “Ching Chi” (sexual energy). Then by way of complex muscular contractions (my specialty), infusing it into a central channel of energy that travels continuously around the torso, (the microcosmic orbit) that also feeds the acupuncture meridians with chi (life force). These Secret Chinese pelvic floor practices are the cornerstone and the standing still form of Tai Chi Chuan, the inner dance, the fountain of youth!

Like a calm river winding through a sandy desert, pelvic floor strength brings life to the physical body. Nourishing, revitalizing and rejuvenating old cells. Encouraging new life by accessing the creative life force from the ovaries and testies and infusing it into body for optimum health, great sexual and physical power and immortality.