It never ceases to amaze me why the majority of today’s women assume men to be naturally superior to them in relation to sex and the intimacies explored within the sacred bedchamber. In actual fact, no man can ever compete with a woman sexually. Unless of course he is a well practiced disciple of ancient Chinese Taoist or Tantric Buddhist sexual practices, and therefore a master of withholding his life force ejaculate. Such disciplined men are quite rare these days!
It is true, generally speaking, that a man’s libido is more active than a woman’s. This is especially true for women who never flex or rarely contract the muscles of their pelvic floor and make them strong. However a woman who actively practices pelvic floor exercises, flexing and squeezing her luscious love muscles throughout her daily life will easily match and often surpass the libido of a hot fiery male.

There is so much healing within pages of the ancient Chinese sexual manuals teaching that man by his very nature is yang, hot like a burning fire, always moving, always active, always ready. Man is symbolized by the fiery hot sun and his libido incorporates all these essential yang male qualities.

Completely opposite of the male is the female. She is Yin, dark, cold, freezing like ice. She is completely still, like a dark black night, receptive like a vessel, her symbol is the feminine moon and her libido is like ice. Naturally, it takes a lot longer to bring ice to the boil than it does to heat a fire that is already burning hot. Even so, a woman who regularly exercises her pelvic floor muscles is able to melt away her naturally icy cold libido and heat herself up internally, to easily challenge the libido of her heated male counterpart.

No man can ever compete with a woman sexually! Just think, should it be her nature and desire to do so, any healthy woman whose morals permitted, could intimately entertain an entire football team easily if she so wished. Then while they were sleeping and resting from having been graced with her goddess like body and pelvic floor talents, she might make dinner for them all, vacuum the floor and then even paint her nails, while wondering when they will awake and hopefully begin to entertain her some more and relieve her boredom.

I’m not suggesting that women should conduct themselves in such a highly immoral fashion; I’m simply gifting your intelligence with an understanding of the exceptional prowess of the female enchantress and her sexual superiority in comparison with a male. In ancient times these things were well understood and this is one of the reasons why so many wise men chose to practice withholding their ejaculate, so that they could actually satisfy their women, knowing that they take much longer to be satisfied than men, and so that they actually could compete with them sexually.