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Incontinence is not a natural part of ageing and it can be cured through natural exercises that are a pleasure to perform. The most important internal exercise of the 20 I teach and have developed is the perineal lift, login and watch me teach it to you for free from part of my DVD Pelvic Floor Strength Volume One.

These exercises not only cure incontinence and are an alternative to surgery for many women with incontinence related issues but they also create superior sexual fitness as well. Let’s face it incontinence isn’t sexy and doesn’t make you feel sexy but you are sexy and you will feel much sexier when you cure your incontinence because these exercises are not only pleasurable but they heat up your libido as well. I hope that’s not an unappealing side effect because so many of the women I teach don’t even want to go there when I first meet them, to the sexual arena I mean, but ladies some of my students are in their late 80’s and yes, they still do it, after all, they’re not dead yet and after all sex is second only to food as far as human pleasure goes.

The thing is that strengthening your pelvic floor muscles goes hand in hand with curing incontinence and creating sexual fitness, even if you’re a hundred years old. Why are there so many women cringing about this? If your one of those then I’m sorry but this is the naked truth. I’m not saying get back in the bedchamber, I’m just letting you know that that your desires will probably be rekindled as your muscles get stronger and stronger. So incontinence and sexual fitness are in the same bag, yes they are and that’s not shameful it’s exciting. After all, everybody knows that a WOMAN is a gift for the gods themselves.

In the seven years that I have been teaching women to cure incontinence I have only had one student committed to her disorder because it defined her as a human being and was part of her psyche, she enjoyed the attention her family gave her because of it, if that makes any sense to you. So in seven years, with her as the only exception I have never met a woman who hasn’t been cured of her incontinence after learning the exercises I have taught her. Isn’t that astounding? Yes, I feel truly blessed, I love empowering my sister women and I enjoy helping to eradicating incontinence. I truly dedicate my life to this cause and if you’re reading this and you suffer I urge you to watch my DVD Pelvic Floor Strength Volume 1, or download my book or at the very least watch this small free part of my DVD because knowing how to perform the perineal lift will save you. (it’s like the Kegel exercise, but Kegel is an exercise named after a man who inserted a device inside the vagina of his patients and told them to squeeze around it – this is a vaginal squeeze not a perineal lift and why do we name it after a man instead of our anatomy?

The perineal lift is the most important exercise you will learn for pelvic floor strength because it strengthens a muscle called the pubococcygeus muscle that will generally strengthen the muscles of the undercarriage if you perform it correctly. If you perform it incorrectly you will make the situation worse and push down on an unused pelvic floor girdle, so please at least watch this free excerpt of my first DVD to learn the proper way how to perform the elementary exercise the Perineal Lift. In saying that I have developed 20 internal exercises that you can perform with no external movement to be seen and I wholeheartedly encourage you to follow my journey as I film those for you or even better still, come and see me personally for a lesson.

In Pelvic Floor Strength Volume One I teach four of those moves and give a comprehensive lecture about what makes the pelvic floor weak and what makes it strong. In this first of three dvd’s I talk in depth about incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse, two of my greatest passions alongside sexual fitness, which by the way I don’t discuss in my first DVD, phew!!! Says so many of you, but why??? Let’s discuss that in Pelvic Floor Strength Volume Two, more later, enjoy!

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Many women with incontinence issues do not seek treatment for their condition because they feel too embarrassed or because they consider their symptoms to be normal, which they are not. Women who do not receive treatment for incontinence are at risk of developing other gynaecological and urinary problems. They may be at risk of developing many social difficulties such as:

[shvc_checklist type=”unordered” icon=”fa fa-times-circle” background=”disable” customcolor=”false” backgroundcolor=”#555555″ fontcolor=”#ffffff”][shvc_checklist_item]An overwhelming sense of loss and grief because of their inability to control this bodily function.[/shvc_checklist_item][shvc_checklist_item]Becoming anxious and depressed.[/shvc_checklist_item][shvc_checklist_item]Having low self-esteem or confidence.[/shvc_checklist_item][shvc_checklist_item]Become lonely and isolated.[/shvc_checklist_item][shvc_checklist_item]Experience a loss of desire for intimacy.[/shvc_checklist_item][/shvc_checklist]

Incontinence may affect a person’s ability to work, or their willingness to engage in social and recreational activities such as shopping, travel and overnight visits. Incontinence is the major cause for people entering aged care in the 21st Century not dementia, and it is usually preventable and curable.

The most effective way to treat most cases of incontinence is to strengthen the pelvic floor and follow correct voiding habits, (retraining the bladder). A person’s pelvic muscles can be strengthened and made taut, no matter what your age. Pelvic Floor Strength training comes with a three and six week timetabled exercise program for those who prefer routine. La Femme Gem purchases also include a comprehensive exercise booklet, with instructions for beginning, intermediate and advanced practises in the use of internal weights. Natural exercises alone create formidable internal strength, however a woman who chooses not to use weights in her training can never compete with the strength of one who does. The practise of using sacred stones to strengthen the pelvic floor and fortify the reproductive system evolved more than 4,000 years ago in the ancient Indian and Chinese cultures and is now widely used in the western world in Great Britain and the United States, commonly known as Jade Egg practises. La Femme Gem is a semi-precious jade gem stone with pre-drilled holes to attach cord or dental floss for easy removal, they cannot get stuck due to their smooth yielding surface. They are used internally, in many different ways, to isolate and tone the correct pelvic floor muscles, progressively strengthening them over time. Pelvic Floor Strength training and La Femme Gem practises are enjoyable exercises that become more pleasurable as strength and tone increase, encouraging diligent practise for life.

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