Hello I’m Lara Eardley, I am a Pelvic Floor Strength Educator and author of the “The Jade Egg” a book about Dynamic Pelvic Floor Exercises and Vaginal Weightlifting Techniques and creator of the documentary Pelvic Floor Strength – The Elementary Four.

I have developed over 20 Dynamic Pelvic Floor Exercises a woman can perform in her own body with no external movement.  I frequently give comprehensive lectures on pelvic floor strength, continence, pelvic organ prolapse and sexual fitness for: POWER! Confidence, Continence, LIBIDO MEGABOOST, sexual FITNESS, prolapse reasons and remedies, ENLIGHTENMENT! embodiment, self MASTERY, ENERGY cultivation, Jade Eggs and Vaginal Weight lifting techniques.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a University qualified sculptor. I was formally trained in the anatomy and function of the pelvic floor at the Herman Wallace Institute.  I fuse that together with an in-depth knowledge of ancient practices that use the pelvic floor muscles as dynamic pumping stations to increase metaphysical, physical spiritual and sexual power in the body. Practices that not only awaken the Chakras and the Chi but also provide a life of pelvic floor strength and continence both spiritually and physically as well as empower women considerably in the bedchamber.
I have been teaching dynamic pelvic floor exercises to people since 2008.


Newcastle University

2004 – BA Fine Arts – Majoring in Sculpture

Australian Academy of Applied Hypnosis – Diploma

2009 – Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy – specialising in pelvic floor health, trauma & deep relaxation techniques.

Herman Wallace Institute for Medical Practitioners –  Completed: 2010 – 2017

  • Functional Applications in Pelvic Rehabilitation – presented by Kathe Wallace
    Sexuality for Pelvic Floor Practitioners – presented by  Talli Rosenbaum
    Female and Male Pelvic Pain – presented by Holly Tanner
    Clinical Tools for Treatment of Complex Sexual Pain Disorders – Addressing Psychosocial Factors in Treatment – presented by Talli Rosenbaum
    Bladder Control: Stress Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Muscle Training – presented by – Cindy Neville
    Integrative Techniques for Pelvic Floor & Core Function: Part A – Laying the Foundation – presented by Bill Gallagher & Richard Sabel
    Part A: Sex and Sexuality in Physical Therapy Practice – presented by  Talli Rosenbaum


  • Gracefully and conservatively educating women how to
  • Develop exceptional pelvic floor muscle strength and tone
  • Perform a wide variety of dynamic pelvic floor exercises in the body with the external  body still (over 20 different movements taught)
  • Naturally increase libido
  • Be continent for life
  • Eradicate incontinence
  • Understand reproductive organs and their proper placement
  • Understand internal weight lifting practices and how to move a jade egg
  • Understand causes and remedies for pelvic organ prolapse
  • Increase sexual sensation, abilities, and pleasure
  • Become embodied
  • Awaken the Kundalini and Ching Chi energies dormant in the body for enlightenment and power



Extensive volunteer work for the pink ladies in Ballina and Byron Bay 2010-2012

Dozens of public speaking engagements on the topic of pelvic floor strength


I am a recognised culptor; I created the meditation room in the John Hunter Hospital, New South Wales. That space replaced the chapel and has great spiritual significance. I also won a prestigious people choice award from the Royal Hospital, Newcastle in 2004. All of my art exhibitions have been created for community spaces, hospitals in particular.



 ABC 2014 – The Taboo – Pelvic Floor Strength


Byron Bay – The Lighthouse Lounge 2010-2014 – Pelvic Floor Strength





Dr. Dicks Sex Show – Seattle 2015 – Pelvic Floor Strength