These are my favourite one on one sessions because I can offer you a copy of our lesson on film for further reference and review. Having the lesson recorded is a highly-recommended option.  This is not possible when you come to see me, but we can still take some selfies if we like.
The number of lessons varies from student to student.  Some students come to learn the highest spiritual practice which involves awakening the Kundalini and the Ching chi energies in their body for swift enlightenment and bioelectrical charge.
Some women learn because they want to cultivate a greater understanding of their sexuality and to increase their abilities in the bedroom.
Some women come because they are interested in a life of continence and having their organs stay in their right place, i.e. not prolapsing.
Regardless of the motivations behind the desires to learn, the fact is, these are the most important exercises you will ever do in your body. For your personal power, your physical power and your spiritual power.  If you do not perform these exercises in your body or have knowledge how you lose your energy you will never compete sexually or metaphysically with any of my students.

Just book in when your ready xx


As you are my sister I offer you this wisdom with all my heart so that you may know the true power of your electric and magnetic self.
The information woven into your private lessons contains but in no-way is limited to the following elements:
•    Workout – First exercise – The perineal lift. (It’s good to start exercising straight up, so that you can rest the muscles during the lectures.
•    Discussion – The causes and remedies of Incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.
•    Analysis of how you live in your body at present and how that impacts your future.
•    Workout – Analysis of present Strength & endurance.
•    Metaphysics – you lose most of your spiritual energy out of your vagina, then your eyes, ears, nose, mouth & rectum but mostly your vagina. So now we learn how to contain your energy and why.
•    Workout – Closing the sacred gates.
•    Discussion – Sexual fitness, what makes women superior in the bedroom?
•    Discussion – How to boost your libido and what to do with all that sexual energy.
You can only progress to the next level when you show an awareness of having understood each exercise.  Everyone can do these exercises, you will see!
•    Breathing & the pelvic floor.
•    Workout – – Individuate the front, the middle and the back of the pelvic floor.
•    How to use the above three pumps.
•    History of practices and reasons for secrecy.
•    The microcosmic orbit – using the pelvic floor muscles as hydraulic pumps to infuse the central channel with bioelectrical energy. Taoist practice.
•    The Sushumna channel – awakening the chakras & the Kundalini, yogic practice.
•    Workout – – catching the spark, let’s put it all together and see if we can ignite the chi.
•    Psychological effects of practice, what to do with the increase in energy and awareness.
•    Workout – Individuating the left and right hemispheres.
•    Analysis.
•    Workout – Squeezing in the middle of the vaginal chamber.
•    Analysis.
•    Workout – Individuating 3 independent sections of the vaginal chamber.
•    Analysis.
•    Workout – Performing advanced cross way squeezes and flexes.
•    Workout – This is the most difficult sexual act a woman can perform and I can easily and gracefully teach you how.  The Singapore Kiss, the art of pompoir. (how to satisfy a man without moving your hips).
•    Analysis.
•    Vaginal weightlifting with the jade egg, how and why.
•    How to use two jade eggs together.
•    Workout.
I am also a clinical hypnotherapist and a devout empath. Because I have great pelvic floor muscles I can keep my energy in my body while opening my heart to you my dear sister. This means that many people confide in me and I honor and hold a very sacred space for that sharing. When you juice up and tone up the muscles of the pelvic floor, your life changes. You can discuss anything with me, I honour your individuality in all its forms. These classes are completely confidential. Some women choose hypnosis as a therapy to assist healing their wounds.  I highly recommend this modality for those requiring additional nurturing and love.
Unbeknownst to us, all our life’s traumas are held in our pelvis (our centre) and often get stuck in our sexual energy.  You will become more powerful simply by doing these exercises, they facilitate the release of stagnant energy/ trauma, I wish this for all of you. It is important that we be aware of, honour and hold space for these blocks to be released.
My objective is your pelvic floor strength. To impress upon you the importance of loving your pelvic floor and to inspire and motivate you to understand it as the generator of your life force energy.
Your pelvic floor is your center, come home and rest in yourself at your center.

$99 Members
$119 Non-Members


Half Day Intensives
Women can come to me and learn privately at my home in the Noosa Hinterlands. They can come alone or with friends who also want to learn. It takes 3-4 hours to understand seven exercises and receive the essential wisdom specific to your pelvic floor.

The information is the same as per the outline for the video conference lessons except for the advanced exercises, moving three independent sections of the vaginal chamber, the Singapore kiss and how to use two jade eggs together.
Women who wish to complete the program will have to return for another half day workshop later, it is too much to learn all the exercises in one day.
Individual tuition $299 Members
Individual tuition $339 Non-Members
Group price $199 per person

I have been practicing for 17 years and teaching for almost a decade. I have written the most comprehensive book in the world on vaginal weightlifting practices (The Jade Egg) to demystify the astounding sexual feats East Asian pelvic floor gymnasts are famous for. $35 hardcopy or $19 Download
I have also created a documentary that you can download from my site with four elementary exercises and essential education for women to embarrassed to contact me. $29 Download
Lara Eardley xx