There are many women who maintain the very old fashioned and harmful posture of pulling in their tummy believing it to increase core strength, which it doesn’t, and to appear slimmer around the waist. Over time it makes the skin flabby. This is a dangerous out dated practice. Where do you think all of that “stuff” that your pulling in is going? You are displacing your organs and increasing the pressure in your abdomen.
Eventually what deteriorates is the tissue (fascia) that is responsible for connecting the muscles together. When the increased pressure in the abdomen gets high the organs put increased pressure on the muscular wall, which deteriorates, thinning and eventually tearing the fascia between the muscles.

If you wish to have exceptional pelvic floor strength, resist the damaging urge to hold in your tummy and just let it hang out instead, can you actually do that at all, what about for a minute or few? How tense are you really? Can you let it go & relax your tummy? What about if no one is looking, can you do it then? TRY!

If you’ve got a fat tummy, then you need to deal with it – not hide it at the expense of your organs. Try hula hooping, it’s marvellous for your tummy & your pelvis. Just relax your tummy, breathe freely and let go of the tension at your waist. You will feel much better and furthermore breathe much better too.