The Jade Egg is the only natural internal weight in the world  If you believe in crystalology they also have significant metaphysical qualities, it just depends where you are at psychically to embrace this truth.There are also rubber alternatives but without the possibility of resistance training, by pulling on the threaded cord or adding actual weights as they did in ancient times. I know what I prefer to put in mine. Gemstones Please. After all, who wears crystals in their pocket anymore? (:-)

The Jade egg is an exquisite natural gemstone in the shape of an egg with a predrilled hole in the bottom for easy removal and resistance training. The JADE EGG is worn internally in the vaginal chamber to increase the strength, tone and elasticity of the muscles that support and move this sacred cavern and to increase the power of the pelvic floor and internal core muscles. The JADE EGG was originally worn by the Empresses and the Emperor’s concubines in ancient China as a tool for superior sexual fitness, sexual power and immortality. Wearing the JADE EGG increases the blood flow to the vagina and dramatically increases libido and orgasmic sensation in women.

The Jade Egg can be moved up and down the vaginal chamber, tilted in different directions back and forward and moved left to right. Advanced practitioners can wear two small jade eggs and bring them together in the vaginal chamber to make a clicking sound.  Jade Eggs are very good for lazy women who never perform their pelvic floor exercises because the weight of them alone strengthens the pelvic floor muscles.

In ancient China the Empresses were buried with either Jade Eggs or Pearls in their vagina and I also recommend this, being more inclined to be cremated I would dearly love to see the face on the one who collects my ashes :), hilarious but true, much love xx

The Jade Egg Book with Amethyst Set


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The Jade Egg, An advanced fitness program for the vagina/yoni fitness – Hard Copy (Book Only)


The exercises in this book create superior sexual fitness and sex appreciation in women.


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